Llen G White and the Seventh Day Adventist Church

Essay Question Outline Ellen G Whites career with the Seventh day Adventist Church and asses her contributions to the church as it is known today.

Attached is a similar essay on Ellen G White wich looks at the role of Ellen G. White in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, especially in the light of the Church s claim that the Bible alone is the basis of its doctrine and practice. This is accomplished by looking at 5 points: the mode of communication between God and man, the influencing factors at the time when the Adventist movement begun, a brief history of Ellen G. White s childhood, the influence of Ellen G. White in the formation of the Seventh-Day Adventist church and whether she was a genuine prophet.

For this order please use this attached essay as a guide because it has good information. You may use the same quotes where neccessary but add a few others. You may briefly cover the 5 points in this attached essay if it can fit in with the answer of the requested essay. I do not mind if the two essay sound a little similar.