Llopatric Speciation Is The Only Mechanism By Which New Species Arise.

Introduce and define what speciation is and then the same for allopatric speciation, give some good, background information including some historical exploration of the development ideas with respect to speciation. Examine evidence for allopatric speciation using examples from literature. Provide empirical examples of cases where there is clear evidence of this mechanism of speciation and examine the mechanisms behind the development of the new species. Define and examine the 2 other mechanisms of speciation. Define them and provide examples of their application and also of how speciation has arisen by the mechanism. The discussion and conclusion of the essay should evaluate whether or not the allopatric speciation is the sole mechanism for the development of new species. And should provide a balanced argument which evaluates the different mechanisms and come to a conclusion which states whether or not allopatric speciation is the only mechanism by which new species arise. The essay should be well-written and structured, cited throughout. The use of primary sources is a MUST  use scientific papers in the essay.
Journals of Ecology, Evolution, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, AND ANY OTHER RELEVANT JOURNALS.