Llopurinol and cardiovascular diseases: systematic review and Meta-Analysis

the writer must be expert in both statistic and medicine
The first part was about background and introduction (I will attach it for you to complete paper. These are the second and the third parts of my previous order.

So in this second part (method, Search Method, resultsa¦..etc) I need you to do similar to the to paper which is about meta analysis I have attached (the title is Xanthine Oxidase Inhibition For The Treatment Of Cardiovascular Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. it is good example to follow but please make the language more simple. In this part we need around 1000 words.

I will attach the all instructions for you

Please beware this paper will be checked from plagiarism so please make sure it is your own words

Llopurinol and cardiovascular diseases: systematic review and Meta-Analysis

The writer must be qualified in both therapeutics( cardiovascular diseases) and data analysis with meta analysis. Writer must use new papers between 2011 to 2013 for the data using the database Ovid MEDLINE.

This is the first paper which will be about 2000 words the week later I will ask the same writer to do the second part (such as method, results, search method, study types, a¦etc) then the third part (discussiona¦etc) this will be from today to not more than two months( so please the writer should not take holiday during the next two months to make sure the same style will be.
The reference style please use the same in the paper provided.
The total reference will be about 80 for the first part 30.

I will attach the guidelines for you.