Lmost all entities with our general set of experiences are living in a simulation (Ryan North)

Almost all entities with our general set of experiences are living in a simulation (Ryan North)

This essay will look at the theory of simulation within the 21st centurys society as well as discuss the R.Norths statement in detail. It will use examples of practitioners in the field of Mixed Reality Experiences/Performances to support as well as oppose to the statement.

It will look at the terms simulation and simulated from the perspective of arts and performance rather than engineering and computing. In addition, theories of live/mediated performance, interactivity in performance, live/mediated body, embodied/disembodied experiences should be linked together.

Some useful literature:

1 P.Auslander, Liveness: Performance in a Mediatized Culture;
2 C Baugh Theatre Performance and Technology;
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4 S Dixon Digital Performance
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key words, artists and relating topics:

Live; Mediated; Body; Performance; Light; Projector; Intervention;
Audience; Analog;Digital

Technology and Body; Cyborgs and Online performances; Embodied experience;
Disembodied experience; multimedia;

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. Philip Auslander, Yoko Ono, Caroline
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Blast theory Eduarco Kac, subRosa, Lev Manovich, Builders Association, Gob
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1.harvard style referencing; only endnotes;
2. bibliography page at the end of the document with full details of all the sources;