Loat Nurse Teams in the Office Setting or Float Nurse Protocal in Medical Office

Whats Your Problem?
Your Problemis related to a clinical situation that you think needs to be Solvedor improved that will lead into your Evidence-Based paper. For example, one graduate student observed in the hospital that she worked for that newborns were frequently being breastfed for the first time 2 or more hours after birth for both vaginal and cesarean deliveries. She researched the literature and Best practicesof other institutions and developed an evidence-based protocol for initiating breastfeeding within 1 hour after birth whenever possible.
For students who are focusing on nursing education, your Problemwill be related to the need to conduct primary research study. You will conduct a primary research project during your track III course [NURS 620]. Its to your advantage to develop the research proposal for this research project while enrolled in this course. You will need to find a Gapin the literature identify a researchable problem that you can address by conducting your own study.

Research Problem 2
Is patient care outcome affected by the communication and collaboration between float nurses vs,
Permanent nurses in the medical office setting ? What is the relationship between float nurses that have
No  team support compared to permanent nurses that have support by their physician and other
Nurses in their  Team Pod ? Are the differences enough to affect the outcome of patient care?
Feeling connected, being involved in office projects, participating in a committee, teaming together
And management recognition are various issues that  float nurses contend with on a daily basis.
Research proposal could be performed using surveys of a select group of  float nurses vs. permanent
Nurses. The goal of the research would be to identify  float nurses concerns/comments and use
This information to propose a  float pod team . The  float pod team would have quarterly meetings,
Discuss issues, validate positive teamwork, and  brainstorm concerns affecting the outcome of
Patient care. The  float pod team would become an  entity of it s own for recognition by the other
Permanent nurses pods. Endorsement of a  float pod team would bring connectivity to the  float
Nurses. Recognition by management and validation by the permanent pod nurses would facilitate
Communication, teamwork, and improved patient care outcomes.
Evidence-based practice will be utilized by researching nursing article periodicals to find similar
Values in regarding to  float nursing in the office setting.

Research Problem 3
Burns, N., Grove, S., (2005). The Practice of Nursing Research. (5th ed). St. Louis, MO: Saunders.
Melnyk, B., Fineout-Overholt, E.. (2005) Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare.
Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Pearson A; Porritt KA; Doran D; Vincent L; Craig D; Tucker D; Long L; Doran D; Vincent L; Craig D; Tucker
D; Long L; Henstridge V; International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare, 2006; 4 (2): 118-59.

I believe you have an interesting idea  here are some suggested options:

Either develop an evidence-based protocol for the  float-pod based on related information that you ve already found in the literature  and the success of your permanent nurse pod approach [if this is actually in place].

Develop a quasi-experimental   primary research study. It would be a  pilot study.

1. Survey all of the float nurses  on their level of morale, use of time, feelings of community/connectedness to the unit, etc. THEN  implement your  intervention which is the float pod  and all that this concept entails.
2. After implementation of the float pod approach resurvey float nurses to determine if their moral, feelings of community, etc. have improved. [The  float pod approach should be in place for a while before you do the post survey of the float nurses  at least a month or two. So your study will not be completed during this course. The expectation for this course is to either develop a protocol  or a research proposal. You are not expected to actually collect data and complete the research study.
This pilot study would be very specific to just the float nurses [would not involve physicians or other nurses ]. However, permanent nurses and the docs may play a part in the actual  intervention phase they just are not part of the study sample.


The length of your research proposal paper will vary, but 10-15 pages [including title page, abstract and reference page(s)] is a typical length for the proposal [total points for this assignment 300].

Be sure to follow APA, 5th Ed. Format [1st page is title page, abstract of proposal on 2nd page, then begin the 3rd page with the first main heading, Statement and Significance of the Problem]. Include all of the main headings and subheadings as detailed on the following pages.
Statement and Significance of the Problem (30 points)
Begin proposal with an introductory paragraph or two that presents the rationale for your proposed study. Why is it important? How will your study help to improve nursing practice and health outcomes for patients? You should cite a few pertinent studies that lend support for the need for your study; these studies may be included and discussed in more detail in the literature review section of your paper.
Literature Review (60 points)
The literature review is a summary of the research articles that you have reviewed and critiqued. Reading literature reviews of research articles will help you as you write your own review. Your review of the literature will provide you with insight and understanding regarding your topic of interest. You need to demonstrate knowledge of your topic and awareness of what research studies have been done. Identifying a gap in the literature (for example, most studies on teen pregnancy over the past few decades have been quantitative by design, therefore one could provide rationale for more qualitative study) serves to provide support and rationale for your proposed study.
Your review of the literature needs to be focused while at the same time not too narrow. Often, students believe that they need to find research studies that are almost identical to the research questions or hypotheses that they are trying to answer. You need to search the literature to determine what research studies have been done relevant to your topic in order to determine what further study needs to be done. The literature review section needs to end with a summary paragraph that leads into your proposed research question or hypothesis. For example, In light of the studies reviewed, there is a need to conduct further study that & & & & & .

Research Question OR Hypothesis (40 points)
In this section, you need to clearly state either a research question or a research hypothesis. Your research proposal does NOT need to include a research hypothesis. The research question or hypothesis should include the key concepts/variables that you are interested in studying and also the group/population of interest should be included in the research question or hypothesis. Following is an example of a research question, Do obese pregnant women develop more obstetric complications than non-obese pregnant women?The key variables are (1) obesity status, which is the independent variable or Cause,and (2) obstetric complications, which is the dependent variable or Effect. The population of interest is pregnant women. The purpose of this research question is to determine if there is a relationship between obesity status and obstetrical complications. Obesity (and non-obese) status needs to be defined. How would the researcher determine the obesity status of the subjects? Also, what is meant by Obstetrical complications? How will the researcher determine who experiences obstetrical complications; how will complications be measured?
Sometimes, re