Lob Issues In Business (Barn N Noble going to Ireland)

Hello I just want to make sure that is is under research paper becuase this is going to take some research.

This is what the paper will need to detail Ill need to pagess each Module there is a total of four with four diffrent thing to be researched. When i get assigned a writter and if there are anymore question Ill contact the writter.

ALL modules Global Business Plan

First, locate ALL 16 Modules you need to prepare your business plan in the Doc. Sharing Section of the class. There, you will find the explanation of what each module needs and a general sample. In general, your research paper should contain about 1 (one) page (double space) of discussion for each module. Try to keep your discussions per module, limited to no more than 2 (two) pages. You may reorganize the material, but make sure each module TOPIC is clearly identified.

FOCUS: This research paper is really an exercise in producing a feasibility study. This is a group project and whether you choose a country and use the research to determine the best product or service to introduce& or whether you start with a product or service and determine which country would be the best place& or weather the instructor provides a list of products and countries for your selection, you will use the research to either PROVE or DISPROVE the idea. I hope that your idea will be feasible. However, there is no penalty should your research determine that your original hypothesis was incorrect. Ultimately, you will all have the same focus: introducing a product or service into a foreign country. Whether you start with the product and choose the country, or start with the country and choose the product/service& that is up to you. At the end, you all will have either a product or service AND a country you plan to use for your global expansion& . and your opinion/recommendation about whether it will work and why.

FORMAT: This is a senior level course and your writing should indicate that. Use standard research format. The official citation format style for DeVry is the APA format (please refer to the Doc. Sharing for more information about the APA format style). The DeVry Online Library has many sources to assist you. Use either Times Roman or Ariel font. You can use either 10 point or 12-point font. One (1) inch borders. Keep graphics to a minimum. Uploading high memory (more than 2MG) documents to the platform can create obstacles. If you have maps and other graphics you want to use, I would suggest making a separate Addendum that could be uploaded separately. If you scan a graphic, do not use resolution any higher than 75 dpi. I will be reviewing these via the computer and not printing them out. Low resolution is fine for computer viewing. CITE YOUR SOURCES. Use the MLA style of referencing.

Module 1: Identifying Global Business Opportunities
Once the country and product is selected, evaluate potential markets for feasibility as well as a look at both comparative advantage and/or absolute advantage. Further analysis such as a SWOT, for example would be a good start for a paper.

Module 2: Analyzing International Competitors
Using the 3 steps in the module, evaluate the competitive environment. This would include competitive advantage, core competence, standardization vs. customization, and is the competitive environment fragmented, consolidating? What stage of the life cycle does the INDUSTRY fit into? If you are evaluating a country rather than a firm, then what types of businesses are the oldest, the newest upstarts. What foreign investments are there already? What is the attitude toward American companies?

Module 3: Assessing the Economic/Geographic Environment
This is where you start to really get to the  meat of your investigation. By now you should have a country in mind AND a product or service in mind. As you evaluate the economy and natural resources, do so with your product or service in mind. Do you need waterways and shipping docks? Do you need telecommunications? How stable is the economy? Is your product/service purchased with discretionary income or disposable income? What is the GDP/capita in US dollars? Compare it to the US GDP/per capita.

Module 4: Assessing the Souci-Cultural Environment
Using the 4 categories in this module, paint the cultural picture. You may want to look at future trends and predictions. In the US for example, we have the aging babyboomers. The largest segment of the US population was born between 1946-1964. Beginning on Jan. 1, 1996, the first of the baby boomers started turning 50. This segment will have 2500 people turn 50 every day (365 days) every year for the next 10 years. Starting in 2006, those same people will start turning 60. By 2014, the largest segment of the US population will be 50  70 years of age. The same thing is happening in Japan. What are the implications of that kind of cultural influence? Look at those kinds of statistics as well.