Lobal a?Climate Change and Pollution from Chinaa?

Global a?Climate Change and Pollution from Chinaa?

One of the major social problems we face today is global climate change. China recently overtook the US as the leading producer of greenhouse gases. Read the article called a?As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremesa? by Joseph Kahn on Jim Yardley at html?pagewantedprint. Now, check out the picture of how pollution created in China spreads eastward across the globe at view_rec.php?id19687 (click on the JPEG link to the right of the photo to get an enlarged view).
A) According to Kahn and Yardleyas article, what are some of the social forces behind the dramatic increase in pollution from China?
B) Why are some members of the Chinese leadership fearful of emphasizing environmental protection over economic growth?
C) What has the role been up to now of the US and other Western nations in (a) global warming and (b) pollution from China?
D) If you were the winner of this past presidential election, what steps would you take to address pollution from China and global warming in general?

sources that should be used for this essay
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