Lobal Airline Industry Report ( Course: Business Research Methods)

Please strictly follow to this guideline!

Industry Report (approaches to finding, selecting and analysing data).

You are asked to conduct independent analysis of the recent trends of development and competition rivalry in the industry in the current economic climate for GLOBAL AIRLINE INDUSTRY.

You need to find articles where methods of finding and analysing of data on this topic is considered.

You may write in general about airline industry by following the guidelines provided in the following paragraph. You may focus on the global airline industry. If you want to provide a case studies about a single airline company you can do it

Explain and critically justify your methodological approach to finding, selecting and analysing the data.

You also need to explain how your approach, depth and breadth of analysis will change depending on the user of the report (e.g. SMEs; MNEs; Independent investors).

Provide extended outline of the final report (a paragraph after each heading; a couple of lines after each subheading). You need to clearly state the sources and provide data analysed in the Appendix.