Lobal and International Business Context

Assignment Requirements:

You are employed by a medium-size private European company with a diverse set of products and services related to the Wine Industry, which are offered around the world. Recently the senior management of the company suggested it expand its international operations and should consider entering Australia. Your department is charged with seeking out business opportunities and developing an initial feasibility report. You are required to construct a contextual analysis of the Australian competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the wine industry. You may use any published sources of information in this task, such as books, academic journals, periodicals or newspapers, web pages and relevant databases.

Task A: Contextual Analysis (75 marks)

Using relevant information and databases you are required to apply Porteras National Diamond (PND) model and other theories, frameworks and concepts that you deem useful for the construction of country specific analysis. You need to explain what your organisation should take into consideration prior to developing operations in Australian wine industry. Draw some clear conclusions and recommendations useful to strategists considering entering the Australian market.

Task B: Critical Evaluation (25 marks)

You are required to critically evaluate the Porteras National Diamond model explaining its advantages and disadvantages regarding the country-specific analysis. Identify and reflect on the issues arising from the application of the PND model in the international business management.