Lobal Business and Strategic Concepts Company: Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

Global Business and Strategic Concepts Company: Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)
Structure Outline of the report
Executive Summery.
Introduction. *
Main Body (including Headings)*
Conclusions *
Points to consider:
What Is Strategy?
To increase profitability and profit growth, firms can
-add value
-lower costs
-sell more in existing markets
-expand internationally

What Is Organizational Architecture?
-the elements of the organizational architecture must be internally consistent
-the organizational architecture must fit the strategy
-the strategy and architecture must be consistent with each other, and consistent with competitive conditions

How Are The Environment, Strategy, Architecture And Performance Related?
-The firmi??s strategy must be consistent with the environment in which the firm operates
-The firmi??s organization architecture must be consistent with its strategy
(firms need to change their architecture to reflect changes in the environment in which they are operating and the strategy they are pursuing)

What Is Porteri??s Diamond Of Competitive Advantage?

What Are The Main Production Issues For Firms?

How Are Strategy, Production, And Logistics Related?

What Is The Strategic Role Of Foreign Factories?

What Is The Marketing Mix?

Should The Marketing Mix Be Changed For Each Market?

What Is Market Segmentation?

Where Should R&D Be Located?

How Can Firms Build Global R&D Capabilities?

The models and slides and suggested literature and my own personal research i will add few hours later.