Lobal business environment (MBA program)

The Global Environment Course (MBA program)

In preparation for this short course, to provide you with an opportunity to express an opinion on a global business topic of your choice and to create well-informed input into the first class, please select a controversial (or potentially controversial) global economy related topic from recent news (past three months) and prepare a brief position paper including the following:

” Description of the activity, event, etc., a brief explanation of its controversial nature and identification of the major stakeholders (and their interests).

” Analysis of the situation and an indication of your position on the topic.

” A concluding statement including implications to global, multinational or transnational firms and/or organizations.

Please use headings to break the paper into appropriate sections. Tables, graphs and charts may be used for illustration and embodied in the document.

Document specifications:

Maximum 4 pages (1 inch margins) 1.5 line spaced in 11 point font. Please provide reference endnotes of sourced information (publications and web). Endnotes will not count towards paper minimum or maximum.

Thank you.