Lobal Business Management, Module of: International Marketing Management

(it does not require any introduction, conclusion and recommendation, the questions can be just answered in striaght forward)

1) for answering (a), we have to have little explain on what is GCCP is, and what other strategies (i.e. LCCP , FCCP) are, then mainly is given example(s) for each, and analysis/explain by theories why you can see they are using that strategies.

2) for answering (b), example for high-tech product positioning, example for high-touch product positioning and difference between two of them.
Any products be positioned using both strategies? Explain.

To writer, its mainly need example to analyse/ explain the strategies/theories.

* MC Donald , coca cola is not prefer to use as a example.

thank you
Global Marketing Positioning Strategy

Under the context of global market positioning Strategy:

a. Examine what is consumer culture positioning (GCCP)? What other strategic positioning choices do global marketers have? (50%)

b. Investigate the difference between high-tech product positioning and high-touch product positioning. Can some products be positioned using both strategies? Explain. (50%)

In both a) and b), you are required to illustrate your answer with global brand/cases whenever deemed appropriate.

(around 750 words for each Question)

Format: A4, Typed, single spacing