Lobal Business Personal Reflection Report

8 Global Business Personal Reflection Report a 3 Page Paper
Building on concepts explored during the course, write a 3-page double-spaced paper, or
make a 5 minute video, in response to two questions. You will be assessed on
thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and how well your work builds on the content of the course.
1. How have you personally developed during this course?
For instance, what has changed or not changed in your beliefs about who you are in the
world community? What, if anything, stands out as particularly enhancing your
understanding of the world community? What gifts do you feel you will bring to the world
community, no matter whether in business or another field of endeavor? What excites you
about engagement in the world community, and what challenges might that entail for you?
What do you want your contribution to be on the global stage?
2. What are your obligations in our world community?
For instance, what are your thoughts on the ethical responsibilities of business managers in
the world community? What is your conviction about globalizationa on balance, why do you
believe it is good or bad? What actions, even sacrifices, do you foresee that your beliefs
might require of you as a matter of ethical integrity?
Hinta now is the time to draw on the intellectual capital you have created for yourself if
you have been diligent in your striving to:
1.become conversant with the technical information, broad principles, and philosophical
problems presented to you
2.be skeptical of the assertions presented to you, and to evaluate, challenge, and decide about
those for yourself
3.make note of your ideas, likes, and wishes during class times, and to develop those in class
4.refine your beliefs, aspirations, and convictions about your ethical role in a world community