Lobal Business Situation and Opportunity Analysis [Marketing Plan Part 1]

Assignment 1 (Individual): Global Business Situation and Opportunity Analysis [Marketing Plan Part 1]
Weighting: 25%
Due date: Week 6
Word Limit: 1500 words (excluding Executive Summary, appendices and references)
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An opportunity analysis is used to leverage the marketing strategy and action plan, that is, it forms the first part of any marketing plan.
The market opportunity identified through this situation and opportunity analysis will become the stated objective of the Global Marketing Plan (Assessment item 4).
This assessment is to be written in report style.
i · You are to choose a business that you find interesting.
i · Narrow the business to one product or product line.
i · You are to conduct an analysis of the current internal and external situation of the product / product line.
i · Internal should include,
o A brief summary of the companyas structure and its overall capabilities and resources.
o Current products/ product line.
o Current market/s, including customer behaviour issues, demand and trends, plus sales information (if available).
o Distribution and Supply.
i · External should include:
o Competitive environment a remember this is a global perspective, but stay focused on the product offering.
o Consider the industry situation in particular global markets.
o Consider economic, technological, political, socio-cultural and natural imperatives.
i · Synthesize and summarise the strengths of the product/ product line, relative to potential opportunities discovered. Also note carefully any risks or threats to the realisation of said potential opportunity.
i · Carefully evaluate the strategic fit of the market opportunity to the companyas capabilities.
GSBS6041 Global Marketing Strategy and Planning
Course Coordinator: Robert Scrymgour 11
i · Select one market opportunity that you believe is worth pursuing and justify.
i · This becomes the stated objective of the Global Marketing Strategy Plan (Assessment Task 4).
i · Conclude.
Assessment Criteria Assessment Criteria: Marketing Plan (Part 1) Weighting %
Executive Summary
Company Structure, Capabilities and Resources
Products/ Markets/ Distribution & Supply.
Competitive Environment and Industry Situation
Synthesis of Strengths Relative to Potential Opportunity
Strategic Fit Evaluation and Opportunity Identified and Justified
Report Format includes referencing, structure, grammar