Lobal Business using Porter 5 Principles

Company: Ecco Shoes
Country: Denmark
Industry: Performance Footwear.
Competitors: adidas AG, Bata Brands SA and Macintosh Retail Group N.V.

Please use the country, industry and company as a guide to fully answer the questions below in Essay APA format

The format of the paper must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) current formatting (headings, fonts, etc.) and in text citation and reference guidelines. See Paper Formattingin Course Content”. Also see the Purdue University site for a good discussion and example: 01

Question 1 (4 pages)

a) Characterize the present global competitive position of an industry, and the leading 3 firms in that industry outside of the US, for example, Whole Foods Market in the retail grocery industry. Use Porters 5 forces and provide a strategic group map of the industry. (See lecture and reading content from Week 2). Here it is critical to define the industry clearly.ie. energy is not industry.

b) What trends do you see in the Economic, Political, and Cultural environment that will affect the industry in the country you are researching, in the future?

c) What trends to you see in the industry in response to these environmental changes?

Please include graphs and charts as needed.