Lobal Civilization Formal Essay on So Called Primitive Accumulationby Karl Marx

My instructor gave the class a photo copy of chapters 26 thru chapter 33 of the book So Called Primitive Accumulationby Karl Marx so no need to read the whole book. she gave us a hand out with the directions to write a formal essay with these instructions: Using Marxs definition of Primitive accumulationand using historical examples from his text explain the present expropriation of todays middle class, providing at least three separate examples. in your conclusion address how marxs explanation for capitalist transformation compliments Jared Diamonds argument. Jared diamond is an author that i previously ordered a paper from you guys on. i will attach the essay as well.

This is my previous paper on Jared Diamond:
Guns, Germs and Steel: the Fates of Human Societies is a nonfiction novel, which was authored by Jared Diamond, in 1997. Jared Diamond is a professor of physiology and geography at the University of California (UCLA). The chivalry of the novel is underscored by it wining the Pulitzer Price for the Aventis Prize for Best Science Book and general non-fiction. Above all, the chivalry of the book is accentuated by it explaining the reason why Eurasian civilization (North Africa included) survived and dominated others, while discounting the notion that the Eurasian predominance was or is aided by any form of moral, intellectual or inherently genetic quality of superiority on the side of the Eurasians.
Summarizing Diamondas Argument Systematically
Diamond opens up the discussion by using a conversation between Diamond and a New Guinean politician Yali. The conversation centers on the blatant contrast in technology and economic and sociopolitical power between the Europeans who had dominated the land for a period of 200 years and Yalias people. It is for this reason that Yali, while using the phrase cargo for manufactured goods and inventions, asked why white people had developed so much cargo and shipped it to New Guinea, while he and his black people had very little cargo on their own.
It is against the backdrop of the above that Diamond realized that Yalias question was a universal one, since the Eurasians had dominated the globe in power and wealth. Even after having thrown off the bands of colonialism, others still lag behind in wealth power and remain dominated, decimated and even exterminated. Diamond advances the idea that the difference in technology and power among human societies originate from environmental differences that are amplified by different positive feedback loops. When genetic and cultural differences have favored the Eurasians through elements such as written language, better education systems, industrializations and resistance to endemic diseases, these advantages materialize because of geographical influences on culture, societies and not in a manner inherent in the Eurasian genes. These gave rise to factors that gave Eurasians an added advantage over others: better resistance to epidemic diseases (such as smallpox) that are of Eurasian origin; superior technologies such as steel, ocean-going vessels and guns; domesticated horses; and more efficient organization.
According to Stuart, Diamond says that people from other continents such as the Aboriginal Australians, Native Americans, Sub-Saharan Africans, the original inhabitants of the tropical Southeast Asia and New Guineans have largely remained overtaken and displaced. Diamond continues that in some extreme cases, others such as the Aboriginal Australians, Native Americans and the Khoisan people have been significantly exterminated by farm-based societies such as the Bantu and the Eurasians. Diamond explains that this is the case since the societiesa political and military advantages had evolved from an earlier rise of agriculture, after the world crept from the last ice age.
Diamondas Historical Explanation for the Unequal Distribution of Wealth and Power of the World
Diamond has used several approaches to attempt a historical explanation. Diamond particularly uses this model to issue a scientific explanation on the inherent equality among different races. From this point, Diamond also uses functional and historical explanations to the disparity between the rate of development among the Eurasians and non-Eurasians.
Personal Assessment on Diamondas Theory
A critical reflection on Guns, Germs and Steel lends Diamond confidence. This is because genetics (particularly, studies on the human genes) reveal that man is inherently equal and normal, in terms of the ability to achieve intellectually, physically and socio-culturally. Secondly, Diamondas postulation is in agreement with historical facts: Africa was developing well until it started having contacts with the outside world, particularly, Europe and Asia; and Europe had already undergone the age of renaissance, agrarian and industrial revolution. Because of that, Eurasians had slowly accumulated excess food, money and superior weapons, and thereby allowing them extra space to expand their political and economic strength in far-away land. Against this backdrop, colonialism became easier and more defendable since guns and horses (superior weapons) and medical and industrial technology had made bliss conditions for the same.
There are no aspects that are missing in Diamondas teachings. Diamondas school of thought explains the current world situation, which is heavily punctuated with neocolonialism. Neocolonialism still has its underpinnings on technological advancement, military sophistication and stronger and very stable institutions. For instance, it is economic development in Eurasia and underdevelopment in least developed economies (LDCs) to export their raw materials such as unprocessed tea, coffee and rubber to Eurasian countries for processing. In turn, Eurasian countries sell the same finished products at much higher rates, to the same LDCs.