Lobal climate change and regional efforts to mitigate this climate change.

Style for the paper to be formatted in Vancouver Style.

1. Describe the current governmental approach to mitigating (controlling) the climate change problem between two countries. (Thailand & Philippines only)

To focus on the following problems:
a. Energy consumption
b. Waste management
c. Agriculture

2. Contrast the mitigation programs of the two countries (Thailand & Philippines only). How effective are the climate change programs? Why or why not?

To contrast on the mitigation programs and effectiveness on the following problems between both countries:
a. Energy consumption
b. Waste management
c. Agriculture

6 pages / 1500 words.
10 sources for reference.
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Assignment Rules
” Page limit: 6 pages, 1500 words.
” Essay format. Subheadings acceptable.
” Word document with default margins, spacing 1.5 lines, 11 point Arial font type.
” No quotes; use all your own words.
” Use text references to show where information comes from.
” Vancouver Referencing. Reference list on a separate attached page.
” Supporting Figures and Tables are acceptable, but must be within the page limit.