Lobal Climate Change: Educating for Emerging Crises in Eco System

Please, provide a paper of about 18 pages long on climate changes from an educators point of view, which means that as an educator the writer should set the learning goals and objectives you have for this module (Global Warming) and show how it intermingle one factor(s) with another, (cause and effect), and the paradigmatic approach he/she may wish to take (reflective learning). I have chosen to teach about climate changes, in particular the causes and effects in coastal regions.

Part One should be an introduction to the topic, a general view on global warming with the focus on neccessity of educating population about the changes, what causes them and the possible effects (in this case health issues).

Part Two should be a book review of the articles that were used in research and analysis of the key issue that you will be creating pedagogy around. You will examine this topic by considering the key issues, illustrating the political, cultural, economic, and ecological intersections. Explain your method of approaching the issue educationally and the considerations pertaining to this topic that are shaping your pedagogical planning.

Part Three should be a critical analysis of the articles and your inquiry into the causes and effects with the focus on the need for educating population in the affected areas.

Part Four should be your conclusion. Please, reflect on your journey, on global warming issue in general, not only in specific area. Summerize all the causes and effects and conclude with a strong message that will not carry a political, cultural or racial bias. More instructions to the write will follow. Thanks