Lobal climate change is responsible for the increasing frequency of severe weather.a?

To improve their overall grade in the course, students have the option of completing and submitting this assignment. If students have already completed and submitted all three assignments, and submit this optional assignment as well, then their assignment grade will be based on the best three of four submitted assignments. If students submitted fewer than the three required assignments, then this optional assignment will replace one of the missed submissions.

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The format and topic of the assignment follows below.

This is an essay-format assignment. The assessment scheme is as follows:

Scientific content
Use of quantitative data
Logical presentation of an argument, position, etc.
Visual presentation of the content
Written communication (i.e., spelling and grammar)
Use of references

A complete submission will consist of a 750-word essay (roughly three written pages of text).

The submission must be made using a format native to a word processor e.g., Microsoft Word, Open Office, etc. PDF submissions may be acceptable. Scanned impressions of printed documents will not be accepted.

Pursuant with York Universityas policies on academic integrity, all essays will be subject to certification against plagiarism by the instructional team responsible for NATS 1780.

a?Global climate change is responsible for the increasing frequency of severe weather.a?

By starting with a story published by a reputable journalistic source, provide an example of severe weather. Using the story youave found, and any other referenceable resources available to you, argue for or against the influence of global climate change.

Note: Your references must include the journalistic source for the story you are writing about.