Lobal ContaflowSouth Korean Soap Opera

COM 3076 Contraflow Papers (FROM THE PROFESSOR. My Country is South Korea and I found the soap opera called The Queen of Housewives”, in case you have a better example, Im okay with it. Also I will upload the two readings from where the sources supposed to be taken)
1) The paper is 2-3 pages in length
2) The purpose of the assignment is for you to offer your classmates an extensive
look at a particular aspect of contraflow culture in your country
3) The paper should consist of three sections (a) history of the contraflow item
you choose/who started it, how did it become popular? (b) patterns of contraflow a where else is this item/event popular? (c) industry reach: what is
the revenue generated from this particular item (d) insight: What does this
particular item reveal about patterns and trends of globalization?
4) You are asked to reference at least 2 course readings in your deliberation.
5) The paper is due the day you are to present in class
6) You are asked to give a quick account of your global contra flow item.
7) For the day you are presenting you are asked to also post a short video about your global contra item to your tumblr account in addition to your papers.
8) Global contra items are going to be either (a) sports a a popular team that has a global followingor a particular sport that originates in your country (b) dramatic shows such as soap operas (but not limited to a crime shows also work in this category) that originates in your country that has a global reach. For this option you have to pick a particular show produced in your country and distributed globally.
9) The rubric for paper evaluation is 30% style and grammar, 40% research and content and 30% for insight.