Lobal Convergence and Global Divergence

the essay is in two parts

Part one:
Compare and contrast the management schools of Global Convergence and Global Divergence. In particular you should use relevant THEORY and EXAMPLE to reach conclusions as to which school offers the most convincing explanation of the likely challenges faced by managers in international organisations in the future.

For part one is about 3000 words

Part two:

You are required to write a proposal for a piece of Primary Research which examines the competing arguments of the global divergence and global convergence schools of thought. Your proposal should contain:
·1 A clearly stated research question derived from the literature reviewed in Part One of this examination project;
·2 A discussion of the different ways in which this research question could be answered;
·3 A clear explanation of the proposed methodological approach, its weaknesses and the implications of those weaknesses for any results that may come out of it;
·4 An explanation of the rationale for this approach and why it was chosen.

For part two, need 2000 words

Finally, In part one plz notice sereval points
1:need evidence of reading/application of theory
2:use of example

for part two
also need evidence of reading and explanation methodology.