Lobal Corporate Strategy Global Automobile Indusry Questions

the essay should contain:Chapter 1 Intoduction, Chapter 2 Main Content and Chapter 3 Conclusion and recommendations

I will upload the full assessment criteria and questions.

In chapter 2, there are three questions to answer and analysis.

Question 1) Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, and DaimlerChrylser are among the top 10 giant multinational automobile manufacturers. Using examples from any TWO multinational automakers of your choice critically examine the main arguments for and against  globalization and explain how the factors driving globalisation have impacted on Strategic Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions in the automotive industry.
Your answer should be based on critical  industry and  competitor analyses using appropriate analytical techniques (SWOT analysis, Porters 5 forces and 7S factors).

Question 2) Global market dynamics is an important factor which accounts for the increasing global competition amongst global car manufacturers and positioning within foreign markets.
Critically evaluate the global market dynamics since the year 2000 and discuss how General Motors OR Ford continues to invest into production facilities in order to reduce production costs. Include examples from emerging markets of your choice.

Question 3) Discuss the ability of Chrysler s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bob Nardelli and of Cerberus Capital the new owners of Chrysler to quickly improve Chrysler s products and car buyers perception of them by the year 2010.
You are expected to make reference to (1) the recent article by Bernard Simon in the Financial Times of Monday 15 October 2007 titled  Chrysler cuts a dash with speed and decisiveness and (2) your own understanding of the approach to strategy development at Chrysler before the change in ownership and chief executive.