Lobal crisis effect on steel & jewellery making businesses and how to make the most in these markets

A 12000 word project that addresses a business issue you have preferably encountered during the programme
-content should be drawn from the research you have carried out during the programme and from additional research in Marseille
-as much as possible the theme should be linked to your own professional ambitions. It should enable you to reinforce your knowledge & understanding of an issue, a sector of activity, an industry that is important for you, professionally speaking.

The thesis:
-12000 words
-should demonstrate that you can analyse a problem objectively using the tools & methodologies introduced in the programme
-should show your ability to put forward different solutions, suggest different scenarios, to resolve the problem, and justify the reasons for your choice
-should prove to the reader that you have a thorough, professional grasp of the subject under consideration and that you have the ability to implement the solution proposed

The context of the credit crunch, why it happened, who has been most affected

Research on the credit crunch, sources from different authors & countries

Application to the steel & jewellery businesses. What have been the traditional strengths & weaknesses of these businesses(SWOT) in the past

What has changed? Strategies for the future