Lobal E-Business: How Business Use Information Systems ( Focusing the mailing industry)

Projects: There will be one course project. The project will be a 5 page paper researching in depth a topic of your choice covered during the semester. An outline of the paper will be due Week 3 (5%) with the final paper (15%) due Week 7. The paper shall site at minimum 5 external resources (i.e. not the course text book). An  A paper will describe the impact that your chosen technology has on the industry. The chosen technology can include hardware (i.e. RFID, networking), or software (databases, ERP) or even techniques (i.e. OOP, SOA). Both the paper and the outline shall be uploaded to Angel. Make sure that when you submit your paper it actually gets sent. Papers will be submitted to TurnItIn.com for plagiarism detection.

The chapter I have selected is as follows:
Global E-Business: How Businesses Use Information Systems
(Focus on mailing industry)
Example: USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL
Intelligent Mail Barcode using RFID technology

I need total of 6 pages with 1.5 spacing in a very creative way. Please follow the above guidelines set forth by my professor. I need one page of outline by Friday.

I work for the postal service and I m interested about the Intelligent Mail Barcode using the RFID technology. I would like to focus on RFID technology used for Intelligent Mail Barcode which has tremendous impact on mailing industry especially USPS which will start using it from 2009.I will send some documents related to Intelligent mail barcode and also request you to do some research on intelligent mail barcode and RFID.

I need a creative project.Charges are not a problem.Select an experienced person.I had a bad experience before.It was a worst experience of my life.
I need an outline for this project by friday and the project in 2 weeks.