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Company: Apple
Countries: USA and China

This time I need to do the following from the attached file.

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PART B. Project specifications:

3. Your report must include:

c. An analysis of the market structure in which your company operates for the two countries.


You will be required to undertake a report related to a particular organisation of your choice. This organisation can be one you work for or one you are familiar with. The overall aim is to evaluate ways in which changes within the global economy might impact upon marketing strategies and activities.
( choice IKEA as the case study )

a. Critically evaluate the impact on the companyas strategies for sustainable competitive advantage, segmentation and branding in a potential economic future -(choice
b. Using the same potential economic future, critically evaluate the potential impact on the companyas customer behaviour
c. Identify and critically assess possible opportunities for growth within the organisationas MACRO environments (maximum of 4 opportunities)
d. Write a logical, well-presented and accurately referenced piece of work
e. The length of the report will be 2,500 words +/10%. Higher marks will be awarded for clear links made to academic marketing theory.(use some marketing theory ,for example PEST ,5 Force )