Lobal Economics–Argentinas Convertibility Plan

I have a Harvard Business Review article Argentinas Convertibility PlanHBS #: 9-702-002. I simply have to answer the following questions regarding this case study:

1. What economic and trade requirements should a country meet before considering establishing a currency board? Does Argentina satisfy them?

2. Was the Convertibility Plan a good institutional fix for Argentina?

3. How was Menem successful implementing a stabilization plan when so many previous plans had failed?

There are actually 20 questions, but I am down to these last 5 and am running out of time. I have never used a service like this before, but I have three assignments due this week.

This is for a doctoral class in global economics. The paper does not require any outside sources–they can be used, but are not necessary. I need one page written on each of the questions above.

If possible, I would like to have this done by noon Monday (EST).

Thank You.