Lobal Economics Does free trade encourage pollution

Select a multinational corporation that has been successful in forming partnerships with workers and the host communities on environmental pollution. Conduct research on the company through websites you have learned of through the Internet, and your reading to create a 3-page paper in which you discuss and answer the following in paragraph form:
Does free trade encourage pollution as corporations build factories and plants in countries with more lenient air and water pollution controls? Or does it encourage higher standards, as better controls and higher standards are brought in with the growing corporations?
1. Discuss the corporation s business activities in a foreign host country.
2. Discuss the comparative advantages for the firm to operate in the host country.
3. What was the environmental pollution issues facing the firm, host community, and/or workers?
4. Was the issue resolved? If so how.
5. How did the resolution affect the short and long run costs of the firm?