Lobal Economics, Politics, and Society( Policy Brief)

All policy briefs must be submitted online. The policy brief must be 1,500-1,750 words plus a bibliography and footnotes for information used or quotes cited. A policy brief is information given to a policymaker (such as the head of a United Nations, the CEO of a multinational corporation, or the head of a non-governmental organization such as Greenpeace). You choose a role you want to play, a policymaker you want to advise, and a problem or opportunity related to globalization that you want to solve or exploit. Your brief should describe the problem or opportunity, present several options for solving or exploiting it, and explain which solution you think w i l l w o r k best and why. You will be expected to use the information you have gained from this class, as well as outside sources, to prepare your policy brief. We will discuss the policy brief in detail later in the semester.