Lobal Enterprise and Innovation (in China)

This assignment aims at measuring your understanding of the implications of globalization on the international business environment and its impact on the country you choose in your group(** China** ). This individual report covering the following areas.
Identify and discuss the impacts on business activities of the features of the legal and political environment of the chosen country. Discuss the motivations for multinational firms to invest in the country and identify the industries that are more likely to attract FDIs. Also discuss the risks and obstacles that firms could face when entering the country and how they could be reduced. Finally, present the main features of the national innovation system of the chosen country. Do you think investing in the country is likely to promote innovation? Why? Which strategies should firms put in place to leverage the peculiarities of the national innovation system?
Please note that the report is expected to provide evidence of the application of relevant theories discussed during the lectures, as well as your personal opinions. Try to develop your argumentations ina consistent, structured and clearly organized way. Use relevant and updated data to support your ideas.
*** Could you please try to do your best. Thank you very much. ***

Deadline for submission is Wed 9th March, 3.00 pm.(Time in UK)
The marking criteria for your individual report will be the following: Marks allocated to criteria: Criteria
The depth of the data collected
The application of proper frameworks and the correct interpretation of the implications of the data presented
Structure and Style
The clarity, the logic and the presentation of the report
The presence of personal contributions and ideas
The use of an adequate reference list and a proper and consistent referencing style.