Lobal environment of business titled: American political influences in Global Commerce”.

I need you to write about this title:
American political influences in Global Commerce”
Itas not too far from what you have written for me through the order #1014633, but with some essential changes.
The most important change is as follows:
I want you during this work to focus on the The environmental factorsand their effects on the American political influences in Global Commerce then to compare them with Saudi Arabia.
The most important environmental factors that I need you to focus on are the following:
The political, economic, cultural, legal and technological factors.
I need you please to analyze these factors and then (depending on the analysis) to compare between Saudi Arabia and US under the umbrella of ((Political influences in Global Commerce)). So the focus is not going to be on Saudi Arabia, but you make sure that you do this analysis bearing in mind how these environmental factors can affect the political influences of America in the Global Commerce, then you are expected to compare this with Saudi Arabia.
I believe that the Culturalfactor might be the richest part among the group.