Lobal environment of business titled: Geelys Acquisition of Volvo: Challenges and opportunities”.

For the case analysis, please follow the list below:
1) Give a brief history of the company.
2) Provide a summery of the situation or a brief overview of the case as well as reasons for the situations.
3) Identify the key issues in the case.
4) Use the questions posted in the case as a guideline for your analysis.
5) Give recommendations for the company as well as your reasons for the recommendations.
6) Examine the factors that can constraint the recommendations that you made.
7) Sometimes there are no explicit questions in the case, but there are issues that will arise in your mind as you read the case and the questions may be implicit.
8) If there is any financial information in the case please utilize it.
9) Make sure you provide a conclusion
10) Use the internal and external methods which are the SOWT analysis , that means
SStrength indicates Internal factors
O Opportunities indicate external factors
W weakness indicate internal factors
T Threats indicate external factors
The SOWT analysis is a business method.
11) examine the environmental factors which are: explain how they influence the decision?
So, the structure of the case will be organized this way:
1) Introduction
2) Summery of the situation.
4) SWOT analysis
5) Porters analysis ((not PEST analysis,,, as u did the PEST analysis for me last time and I really need Porters analysis please.
6) The five environmental Factors, which I mention them early (Political
Cultural, Legal, Technological, and Economics ).
7) What did the company do in terms of the earliest factors?
8) Do I agree with them or not I mean on what they did?
9) Recommendations for the company.
10) Conclusion.
criteria of marking:
1) spelling, punctuation and grammar.
2)Thoroughness, accuracy and depth of external analysis.
3) Thoroughness, accuracy and depth of the internal analysis.
4) Identification and evaluation of alternative strategies.
5) Quality, quantity, feasibility and relevance of recommendations.
The format for the paper:
double spaced
with 12 size font and font Arial or Times New Roman.
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