Lobal environment of business titled: Political Influences in Global Commerce”.

Hi. I would like you to write a full report about a research topic, titled:

(Political Influences in Global Commerce)

instructions are as follow:

1) You are expected to do a full report on any topic you choose about middle East in general OR (Saudi Arabia) in specific dealing with the Political Influences in Global Commerce”. There is no specific reference for this research, so you can choose whatever you want as you refer to what you write about and avoiding plagiarism.

2) Identify the key issues at hand.

3) Use tables and figures as needed

4) Provide the reason of the importance of this topic.

5) Explain how does this topic relate to international business.

6) Make some recommendations based on the key issues at hand.

7) You have to include some audio-visual aids for the benefits of the audience (a YouTube link for example). Please, try to find a suitable video matching a specific part of what you have written and please write down some brief analysis describing that video as this is going to help me in my presentation in front of the audience.

8) the topic has to be global or international in nature, (covering any field under the area of Political Influences in Global Commercein the Middle East or Saudi Arabia in particular).

9) The format for the paper:
double spaced
with 12 size font and font Arial or Times New Roman.

best regards,