Lobal Environmental Problems, Remedies and Policy Effects

This essay is for a 3rd year University course: ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS

Focus of the essay is on the global environmental problems and International Policy initiatives to address these problems. Three topics should be discussed:

i) the depletion of the stratospheric ozone
ii) the greenhouse effect
iii) diminishing biological diversity

The above is my suggested outline however if you feel that you need to remove, add or modify the outline you can do so.

Some more information you can use for the outline above:

Some International Policies
The Montreal Protocol (ozone depletion)
Kyoto Protocol

This essay should not be general, but should be rather specific and detailed and should use terminology from Economics and Environmental Science.

Essentially its purpose is to highlight the global environmental problems the 3 topics mentioned earlier, to go in detail to explain why they are a problem, and why action must be taken. What countries are doing (international policies), their effectiveness, and what the future course of action and /or trends will be.


Shivankur Sharma