Lobal expansion management strategies (Country of choice: China)

The final term paper shall focuses on global expansion management strategies.
The paper should provide a descriptive title or heading by focusing on topics or countries that interest you (Asian countries), and then discuss and explain the main concepts, using the following sub-headings as a guide:

1. Introduction. Provide a brief focus statement about your paper and what the reader can expect.
2. Global World Economy. Discuss the importance of globalization in todayas global economy.
3. Cultural and Political Differences. Discuss cultural and political differences that global managers consider when expanding abroad. Are values and ethics different in each culture? Explain.
4. Going Global Strategies. Explain why companies are forced to expand globally. Discuss possible strategies for competing globally. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the different strategies and policies that firms use to enter foreign markets. What are the main factors that influence a firmas decision of market entry?
5. Suggestions and Recommendations. Provide practical and specific recommendations and suggestions for managers and expatriate to expand in this country of your choice for this project.
6. Summary. Provide a few concluding paragraphs about what your paper discussed and how it can be beneficial for practitioners.