Lobal Feminism in the Early 20th Century

This assignment asks you to make an argument about the similarities and differences in global feminism in the early 20th century. The texts you are asked base your assessment upon are Virginia Woolf s A Room of One s Own and Sources documents 13: an Egyptian feminist, 14:an American feminist and 15: a Chinese feminist ( these documents will be faxed asap in th emorning with the order Id, the only text I can not send is the Virgina Woof book, its a very short novel). Please analyze these documents thoroughly and make clear and concise conculsions and draw upon the similarities and differences.

Once you have read all the material you have to decide on the elements you are going to compare. Some categories:

political rights vs. general practices
theoretical vs. pragmatic
popular vs. elite

Once you have made some careful comparisons you can then come up with a general overall argument about the similarities and differences of global feminism in the first half of the 20th century. As in a document study you should make sure that you outline your argument clearly and in detail in the opening paragraph then use the rest of your paper to discuss the evidence that led you to this argument.