Lobal forces shaping the future of business and society

Write a research paper on
topic: Global forces shaping the future of business and society
subject name global strategic management
Marking Criteria:
Reflective use of information and method of analysis (10 marks):
As you work through the assignment you will draw on information /data provided in the questions. When answering a particular question you should make clear which information/data you are using and explain any important assumptions that are made in relation to the data used and the analysis you carry out.
Use of relevant literature (10 marks):
Although your experience and views are of course valuable an essential component of an academic piece of work is appropriate use of literature to support and inform your work. For this assignment the course text is considered to be adequate. However, you may draw on other sources if you wish.
Academic writing standard (10 marks):
Your aim should be to produce well structured, clear and concise writing, with correct referencing using the Harvard method.
Substance of answers (10 marks):
You answers should be of an appropriate length, fully address the questions and demonstrate an appropriate quantum of work (both quality and quantity). Avoid over-long, incoherent, rambling ansure