Lobal formats and remakes Focusing on the films: Ringu and Ju-on The Grudge

INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED: Please use the terms Global formats and remakesand reference the article attached, as well as New Television, Globalisation, And The East Asian Cultural Imagination By: Michael Keane, Anthony Fung and Albert Moran. Let me know if you cant find the PDF for the one that is not attached (wont let me upload it because the file is too large) Please follow the instructions and compare the film Ringu, and the film Ju-on: The Grudge. These films should be compared to each other, as well as a short explanation as to their relation to the American versions (remakes) of these films. Also, please have four sources, including the two I mentioned, and one outside source. I will upload another PDF from the class, so you can site that as well. This paper should also sound a lot like the last paper you wrote for me, which was great. Thanks so much.