Lobal Health-Improving Access to Health Care and Medication

Please include the following: What is the impact of the problem upon the larger community/world? What is the extent of the problem? (stats, incidence, and trends)What forces are at play in the growth of the problem? Is there a defined health disparity? What actions are currently being taken to address the problem and are they working? Are actions being taken to prevent the problem? What are the roles of the community health nurse/public health nurse (CHN/PHN)? What are the ethical consideration and budgetary consideration to solve this problem? What other considerations would you propose? How would you evaluate the effectiveness of your intervention? I had the following outline in mind:
I. Introduction II. Improving Access to Health Care and Medication a. Why is this issue important? b.How does it affect the world? III. Barriers a. Availability b.Affordability c.Accessibility d. Awareness IV. Solutions a. Role of CHN/PHN (Community Health Nurse/Public Health Nurese)b.Partnerships c.Strengthen Health System V. Conclusion
Please include page numbers.