Lobal Health/International Studies FINAL EXAM

Please answer each questions.
We can use only assigned readings(No outside sources)
Do not combine all the questions together. Each question is isolated.
Do not summarize articles, but we should catch specific key points of each articles (if we write citations to support my idea, we should mention why we choose this articles?)
Focus on including own perspective about each issues.

This is my FINAL EXAM paper, so please take your time to read carefully assigned readings.
1. What are the key elements in Health Systems Strengthening that may be the most important for rebuilding health in fragile states? What are the differences between rebuilding services and rebuilding systems?
2. Good Governance approaches include providing more room for citizen participation and voice. How might this be manifested in regards to different health issues?
3. In what ways might climate change have an impact on chronic poverty in relation to health or nutrition?
Question 1 should be 4pages long, #2 should be 3pages long, #3 should be 4pages long. No more 5pages on each question.

I upload all readings and some key words that professor mentioned.
Added on 04.06.2015 22:23
These are what professor mentioned referring each questions.
#1. i.e.Asia Sas, treat depth two different concepts on each paragraphs (rebuilding service vs. rebuilding system)
Service delivery, two different fragile states, Aspect on Urbanization dynamics
#2. treat each health issues (depth analysis), not broadly very specific, i.e. immunization, policy discrimination, One issue or several issues not listing, (If you choose one article, why you choose this article do not summarize article), don t make connect all concepts of governance s transparency, what programs regarding participation (case study),
#3. nutrition , six building blocks, natural disaster, chronic poverty, food, How climate change put together urbanization , hazard vs. disaster, water, diseases, sanitation, (climate change and food, food scary, what are the consequences?), drought

And please check the message board. I upload URL where you can download assigned readings