Lobal Information System International Outsourcing

International Outsourcing

The aim of this assignment is to analyze the current and future impact global information technology outsourcing for a specific firm/industry. Students from Technology Management or International Business may choose any industry industry.

1.Introduction paragraph that describes this paper from a high-level perspective and tells the reader what to expect.
2.Research some of the pros and cons of global information technology outsourcing. What would be the specific advantages and disadvantages for your industry?
3.Describe a firm in your industry who has had a successful outsourcing experience and one that has not. Why do you think one succeeded and the other had trouble?
4.Pick a country or region of the world, and explain the conceptual framework of this country s IT outsourcing. Explain factors such as culture, laws, technology infrastructure, etc. Would you recommend a US-based firm in your industry outsource to this country? What are the risks?
5.Conclusion paragraph summarizing the main points of this paper.