Lobal Information & Tech: Computer Security

Computer Security

The aim of this assignment is to analyze computer security issues for a specific industry. Students from Technology Management or International Business may choose any industry industry.

1.Introduction paragraph that describes this paper from a high-level perspective and tells the reader what to expect.
2.Conduct a literature review of several recent (less than 2 years old) security problems that have occurred in your industry. Include a critical analysis on the reasons why this is happening so frequently. For example, if you are writing on the banking industry, you may want to discuss hackers breaking into specific banks and stealing millions of credit card numbers
3.Conduct a review of several of the computer security techniques implemented for your industry. For example, the airline industry is implementing several biometric techniques such as digital passports, hand-scanning for employees, new x-ray scanners. Analyze the pros and cons of these techniques and indicate if they been successful? What have been some reported problems from a technical, legal and cultural perspective? For example, from a cultural perspective, face recognition software may not be a good choice with conservative Muslim women.
4.Conclusion paragraph summarizing the main points of this paper