Lobal Issues In Business (Barn N Noble going to Ireland)

Hello how are you? I will be nedding the following this done with this paper please.

1) To make sure the whole paper is APA style.
And uniform in Font Style as wellal threw paper.

2)Spelling, Grammer, Punaction checks.

3) Refence at the End of paper are in alpabeticail order and in coreect writting style or listed for APA style paper.

You will see that this paper going Module 1-4 then 9-12 then 13-16. I know this I am waiting on a Team memember to get off bum and send me her section of 5-8 as soon as I get I will upload that to put in and work into paper in order it should be.

Any question we can talk more after order is placed I will upload what I have to.

Also not looking to have much changed in what is written unless i just doesnt flow will at all then keeping with what was orignailly written.