Lobal IssueWomen in the PostWorld War 1 World

Global IssueWomen in the PostWorld War 1 World

Jerry Bentley, Herbert Ziegler, Heather StreetsSalter, Dennis Sherman, A. Tom Grunfeld, David Rosner.

Read the following passages from your Sherman reader:
– a?The Cult of True Womanhood,a? by Barbara Welter, pages 115-16
– a?World War 1: The Home Front and Women,a? (illustration and chart), pages 168-169
– a?Women, Work and World War 1,a? Bonnie S. Anderson and Judith P. Zinsser, pages 173-174
– a?Women in Latin America,a? by Amanda LaBarca Hubertson, pages 174-175
– a?African Women and the Law,a? by Martin Chanock, pages 196-197
– a?Chinaas Marriage Law: New Rules for the Women of China,a? (article), pages 203

After reading the assigned articles answer the following question in the space provided below (and on the back if necessary).

It has been stated in class that World War 1 was the watershed event of the 20th centurydoes that also hold true for the plight of women throughout the world? The first three articles deal with the emerging rights and changing roles women in the Western world achieved after World War 1. The latter three articles examine similar womenas themes in the early 20th century in Latin America, Africa, and China. In your essay, briefly compare the evolving role of women in Western society with one (1) of the three nonWestern regions. Given a choice, in which society would you prefer to have lived? Why?