Lobal Leading Electronic Companiesa Success and Failure in Business Management Cases of Apple, Samsung and Sony

My dissertation topic is
a?Global Leading Electronic Companiesa Success and Failure in Business Management Cases of Apple, Samsung and Sonya?.
I will try to write my dissertation with theories of a?R&D and Product Innovationa, a?Company & Brand image marketinga, a?Globalising strategies in business managementa and a?Accounting and Financial analysisa. Further details are in another file and the proposal structure & formal are below.
The dissertation would be about three world famous electronic companies (Apple, Samsung and Sony). Apple and Samsung are leading electronic device market through their effort of R&D and Product Innovation and Globalising business strategies. They are not only leading new technology, but also new trend, fashion and social behaviour. However, Sony, who was world top electronic company once, is going fading off in market power. I will strive to compare these companies to figure out the reasons of their current success and failure. Accounting and Financial analysis theory will be used to describe the companiesa past and present management situations (Quantitative); the companiesa annual reports and news articles. There are many books which describe and analyse these companies in public; books from these companies or general publishers. Data in these books will be used for secondary data (for Qualitative and Quantitative analysis).
Course Assignment Structure and Format.
Students are required to submit a 4,000 word assignment in the form of their draft research proposal. This should
a? Identify clearly their research question,
a? Critically evaluate the key literature that underpins this question,
a? Review the efficacy of qualitative and quantitative research approaches to addressing this question, and
a? Present their chosen approach and the rationale for it.
The recommended structure (with indicative word recommendations) and marking weighting is as follows: F
a? Introduction and statement of research question (inc. rationale for this question) [10%] a 200 words
a? Literature review of key literature (inc. linking it in to the research question above) [30 %] a 1400 words
a? Discussion of and resolution of qualitative vs. quantitative approaches to their research question [20%] a 800 words
a? Detailed discussion of their research methodology (inc. data collection, data analysis, ethics and time frame/feasibility] [30%] a 1400 words
a? Conclusions and identification of contribution to theory and policy/practice [10%] 200 words.