Lobal Management of Information SystemsMISM 3303, Information Systems Theory and Practice

Course: MISM 3303, Information Systems Theory and Practice
TOPIC: Global Management of Information Systems
The Research Paper will consist of not less than 10 pages (standard double-spaced with 1 inch margins all around) of TEXT in length and in Microsoft Word FORMAT. (Paper will be consistent with the APA style manual format.)(Title Pages, Tables of Content, figures, pictures, graphs, and references will not be counted as text. (Abstract is required.)Use only 12 point Times New Roman font. References used will be included and will be cited within the paper as well as in a References page. There will be at least eight (8) outside references used. DO NOT USE references from the text book (Information Systems: A Manageras Guide to Harnessing Technologya Version 1.2 by John Gallaugher) as this DOES NOT count as one. (PLEASE USE ONLINE REFERENCES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE) All works and illustrations used, in paper must be cited; Citations should be in the format: (Author, date) or if for a quote (Author, date, page). If the Reference is not longer than one (1) page the citation for a quote should be (Author, date, paragraph) Sources without an author and/or date should be avoided. Wikipedia and Webopedia are NOT valid sources for research.