Lobal Marketing Final Project on Pantaloons LTD Indias largest fashion retailer

Choose an existing company that has an established home market, but no international business and identify potential foreign opportunities for an existing physical product to introduce into a new international market through some local investment.”

The company chosen is Pantaloon ltd, Indias largest fashion retailer and we are thus planning to expand its activities in Africa. Moreover, you will find in the instructions uploaded some screening stage that you have to applied to Africa in order to select finally in which country you wish to implement. For example, Africa being the main target then , narrow it down to three potential countries and then the country chosen. ( our group thought of Ghana, Angola and Kenya but still didnt decide on the chosen country but this will have to be done through the screening tools given in the uploaded documents).
You have to follow the plan given in the professors instructions uploaded now. The term paper should be about 30 pages with a professional presentation, layout , and please well-written english. Proper referencing is also required.