Lobal Marketing in the Context of National Environmental Issues

You must select a British product/service (or product group) to be marketed in another country. You will research the product/service; analyse the destination country/market; and outline a marketing strategy (based on the marketing mix) by taking into account all issues of importance to a global marketing campaign. Your group must address the following elements, inter alia;
1. Definition of the product/service and description of its features and benefits
2. Identification of the environmental issues relevant to the destination country
3. Deciding a price for the product/service (and explaining the pricing strategy)
4. Developing a segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies for the product/service
5. Create a target customer/consumer profile, i.e. who will be buying/using the product?
6. Identify the main competitors (direct and/or indirect) in the country
7. Outline a promotional strategy for the product/service and
8. Decide your most appropriate distribution strategy or strategies

General assessment criteria are based on; originality of idea, creativity and application of knowledge and skills.

Criteria for marking:

Clear description of the product/service 15%
Definition of criteria for the target country 15%
Application of relevant marketing/strategy models/frameworks 30%
Coverage of the relevant Global Marketing Issues 20%
Appreciation of any special challenges (e.g. socio-cultural) 15% Style/Presentation/Quality/Involvement of group 5%
TOTAL 100%