Lobal Marketing Management: Geographic/Demographic Segments, Licensing, & GSPs

Answer questions 7-9 (below). Write a brief paper (minimum 3 pages, double-spaced) describing your thoughts on the three topics listed below using at least 2 sources for each including the assigned readings for the course, and external sources. Your paper should be in APA format and should define the concepts, and could include examination of the theoretical basis for your answer, theoretical extensions, criticisms, applications, or further research. Learners are encouraged to go beyond a simple answer to the questions, and instead contribute their own ideas. Please provide an introduction and conclusion.
My suggestion:
Intro-about 1/4 page
Ques 13/4 page
Ques 2 1 page
Ques 3 3/4 page
Conclusion 1/4 to 1/2 page

7. Identify the major geographic and demographic segments in global markets.

8. The president of XYZ Manufacturing Company of Buffalo, New York, comes to you with a license offer from a company in Osaka, Japan. In return for sharing the company s patents and know-how, the Japanese company will pay a license fee of five percent (5%) of the factory price of all products sold on the U.S. company s license. The President wants your advice. What would you tell him?

9. What are the six attributes that distinguish GSP s from traditional joint ventures?