Lobal Marketing Management: Marks and Spencer expansion into France

The assignment

1000 word limit plus 750 appendix

Situational Analysis for a retailer of your choice in One Overseas Market.
You work as a marketing consultant for your company. Your firm has asked you to conduct a comprehensive situation analysis (with accompanying recommendations) for a country.
Your situational analysis should contain the following key components:

a? An analysis of the marketing environment for the country you have been selected to research. This type of research should focus broadly around:
a PESTEL analysis of the industry (retailing) in the TM Show how these are opportunities and/or threats.
a PORTERaS 5 FORCES Industry and Competitor Analysis
a? A comparative S & W (of SWOT) analysis of the company for the country/market concerned.
*consumer analysis (with reference to ways of analysing cross-cultural issues
* Perceptual Map ,with rationale
* Brief statement (c 50 words) of recommendation

In summary, normal research process here is to:

a? collect data from the mainstream business sources plus any industry-specific sources
a? do an analysis of the data and identify the environmental forces (macro and micro) at work in the industry with the changes and trends in these
a? identify cause and effect between these macro and micro forces and the impact on the firm at present and into the future
a? identify strengths and weaknesses within a firm in relation to its key success factors.
a? select, analyse, prioritise and summarize the key issues that face the company in the specific market you are examining.

Company of choice Marks and Spencer”
County: France

Suggested format:
-Brief international profile of company
-Motivation to internationalise/expand (in chosen country)
-Market screening techniques
-Market selection: analysis of forces driving the industry and market, competitive forces, consumer buying behaviour and target segments
-Perceptual map with rational
-Conclusion and recommendation

This is a final year undergraduate assignment in which you will be credited with showing your learning ON THIS MODULE. Therefore your bibliography will refer to GMM-related texts as well as to databases, and each item in the bibliography will be cross-referenced in the text and vice-versa. You are expected to include at least 5 texts (IM/GMM) in the references, and to avoid references to nonGMM/IM -related texts (and elementary marketing texts). PLEASE RE-READ THE LAST SENTENCE You can of course include article references (journals rather than magazines-same comments as above) but are advised to keep internet references to no more than 25% of the total. A guideline is about 12-15 bibliographic references.