Lobal Marketing Report: Country Risk Analysis on China

Please send me back the progress of the work every day around 5 to 7 oclock, just to make sure the work is going to the right direction as I dont have time to correct it by the time writer finish the work, my deadline to submit the work is Thursday 23 July 2009.

All instructions and outline of the work I have sent it to you, please readthe attachement carefully.

Please note that I have attached one of the similar work which is called example file, IT IS NOT THE EXACTLY AS WHAT WE ARE DOING ON THIS PIECE, but I think this might give you idea as there are similar part covered in that work.
Thank you very much

As the file I need to attached is too big, so I will send it seperately.
You need to have a book which state on the Structure of the Country Risk Analysis on China page